What is Reflection Shadow?

Producing Reflection Shadow is another important service provided by Photo Editing House Company. Like a shadow, reflection shadow also creates the same impression as the glass or mirror creates. Its- our great ability to produce mirror effect and reflection shadow for our clients and we are well known for that. Mirror effect provides one kind of illusion of the shadows and that presents the objects with an attractive 3D effect. The images with mirror effects have the most attraction power to catch attention than the raw images. Reflection shadow creates one kind of glassy effect, which can improve the image quality dynamically. Moreover, this kind of image is mainly used on different websites for advertisement. People use that kind of image on books, catalogs, magazines, and websites.


What Reflection Shadow required?

A raw image does not contain the mirror effect or reflection shadow because the camera cannot produce that effect automatically. Photoshop has such kind of tools that can create a mirror effect and only the skilled designers can produce that effect. The image presented with reflection shadow contains depth and gravity and that comes from due to closeness with another surface. The beginner of the Photoshop technique cannot make an image with a better reflection shadow. The service demands high experience and only the well-trained operatives are able to produce such kind of effect for an image. In the field of graphic design, we compete with the European design houses and we are successful in this respect. Photo Editing House can produce a professional mirror effect that can guarantee excellent quality with full satisfaction. We create handmade reflection shadow to ensure top quality.

Our speciality

We can help you by improving the shadow of your image or add a new shadow in order to make your image suitable for web use. Measurement or keeping proper level is so much important factor for a mirror effect. The image with too much reflection cannot create a natural sense and that kind of image seems exaggerated or cheap. To make publishing a user-friendly mirror effect image one should gather vast knowledge and understatement. Photo Editing House has a number of well-trained designers who are able to produce that kind of effect and they know the procedure of bringing that look.


Our experienced designers directly work with numerous clients and that is why they can understand the exact requirements of them. They can produce master-quality and natural-looking reflection shadow and that helps the customers to use their products best way. They have years of experience in this specialized image-editing field. Another important fact is that we always give priority to the turnaround of our clients and our maximum turnaround is 24 hours. We can handle any quantity but of course with great quality according to the requirements of our clients. We believe in client satisfaction and always try to provide our best, as we are the well-reputed outsourcing company. Therefore, if you have a bulk number of images and want to reduce your work pressure, you can knock us at any moment. We provide possible super quality service with a total lower cost.

Why choose us?

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Photo Editing House provides free trial and the only new clients can ask for a free trial. You have to register on the website. If you’re hesitating about the quality of our service free trial is just the thing for you. You can try up to two images and then you can decide. With free trial, you can judge our quality and service. If you have any confusion you will get rid of that after having a free trial. A free trial will give you a better understanding of our service and you will be enlightened with our features.


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We are always open for your service. If you have any images you need to edit, you can request a quote. We have a list of editing skills from which you can also decide what you want to apply in your image. You can just request a quote and within 1 hour you will be notified by us. After requesting your quote you will get the information about the total cost of your project. Then you can decide whether you want to go with it or not.

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